First thing first. Stop using it, do not let anybody attempt to repair it as this may cause more damage. The less you try to plug it in or try to use it, the better the chances that your data can be successfully recovered in good condition.Yes, there is a very good chance. We work on faulty and damaged USB flash drives of all brands and types. We see broken USB flash drives that have a failed controller chip, bad memory chips, simple data corruption or virus damage, as well as USB flash drives that have a broken/snapped off USB port.

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If you have deleted files or reformatted the USB flash drive, it’s critical to stop using it. Do not plug it in to any computer to avoid any new data being copied to it. Once deleted data is overwritten, it is usually not recoverable. The good news is, most problems with USB flash drives can be fixed. Sometimes very quickly, some problems may take a lot longer but we don’t give up easily.

It is usually just a matter of our very highly-skilled data recovery engineers spending the time, effort and commitment to go through the steps needed in order to get your important files, photos, documents and other files back. Even if the USB port/connector is broken, or part of the PCB is broken, we can fix it or remove the memory chip to recover the data.

Data Recovery Problems