Ram Data Recovery has a mobile recovery division specializing in data recovery from physically damaged and logically damaged mobile devices and their storage media. Our engineers are able to recover from accidental deletion, operating system corruption during software updates, ROM flashing, physically damaged screens, password locked devices and more.

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Ram Data Recovery Services provides confidential options for all digital devices, regardless of physical size or other factors, and we proudly offer high success rates for all formats. See below for more information.

Choosing the right data recovery company as your first choice for your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device is essential to getting your files back.We get phone calls very often from people who told a phone repair shop they wanted their phone repaired mainly because they want their photos back. But the phone repair shop fixes the phone, and loses all data.We always focus on getting your important data back in a safe and professional way. Some phone repair shops may repair your phone, but you may lose all your data permanently (even if you told them very clearly you want your data back and you do not have any backup)

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